Technical Service pre and post sales

During our almost 40 years of experience in terms of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics processes, our attention to taking care of the details of each component or plant considers as a strong point the presence of technical support and specific consultancy for our customers, of which CO .RA. can boast.

We take care of the production process by listening to customer needs, the heart of the development of an effective technical solution, our goal is to contribute to the achievement of your production objectives, for this reason we are interested in knowing the characteristics of your products, carrying out the tests to verify the behavior of the product in contact with our machines and customize them to such an extent as to make them perfectly suited to production needs.

On each systems designed and manufacturer inside our production site, it’s possible to use all kind of CO.RA. valves thanks to the versatilities of our range of products.

An example of an integrated System is the Drum Dosing System that can be divided in two categories: Continuous Liner Discharging System and Inflatable / Deflatable ring Dosing System.

The operating cycle of the system is divided into two distinct phases: gross dosing and small dosing. During the first phase the butterfly opens to allow the quick discharge of 95% of the product to be dosed until the heavy weight limit is reached. During the second phase the butterfly closes and the rotor (in the center of the butterfly) begins to trickle feed until the total weight of the product is softwaristreached. soft

The Continuous Liner Discharging System allows the operator to create a polyethylene continuous liner bag inside a container for the continuous discharging of a product. The product is discharged into the polyethylene liner bag and once the necessary weight is reached, the system allows the operator to cut and pack the bags in a closed cycle.

An empty container is placed on the base of the scale, the liner is pulled until it touches the bottom of the container and the end is closed by means of a clip in order to form the “bag bottom”. At this point it is necessary to push the start button on the dosing terminal, and once the product has been discharged, a clip is placed to close the bag and another clip 10 cm above that one in order to create the necessary space to cut the bag. Finally, it is necessary to remove the container from the base and repeat the cycle described above.

The Inflatable / Deflatable ring Dosing System, allows the operator to lock the bag (already placed inside the container) and to perform the unloading of the product as long as the weight is not reached. Once the weight is reached the operator by the control panel unlocks the bag and the operator can proceed to close it. The working cycle of this system is similar to the Continuous Liner Discharging System, but the closing of the bag is done manually by the operator once it has finished unloading. On this type of system, a dust suction system can be installed which further reduces operator contact with the product.

The terminal of our systems are provided with a high tech digital devices on which possible also customize software to control process in relation to customer’s process needs.

Inside Control panel, we usually supply in default a module for a remote assistance thanks to which is possible connect the system installed on customer site, directly to our software engineer, in order to have assistance.

Linked to the supply CO.RA. also offer a 360° support which consists of a wide range of services such as:

• Analysis and Verification of P&ID and Customer Technical Specifications;

• Meeting and technical inspections to define the project;

• Design and proposal of a Customized Technical Solution;

• Drafting of Specifications and Documents necessary for the realization of the project;

• Carrying out of Checks and Tests at CO.RA. Technology Center with customer products;

• Project validation (DQ), FAT at CO.RA. or in SMART SERVICES;

• Installation and SAT at the customer's site;

• IQ, OQ and PQ validation tests, Use and Maintenance Manuals complete with certifications;

• Process and systems engineering;

• Possibility of issuing GAMP5 (title CFR 21 part 11);

• TECHNICAL TRAINING for staff training on site or in SMART mode;

• Modification of modification requirements;

• Technical support for drafting SOP;

• Technical assistance on site or in SMART mode;

• Scheduled maintenance;

• Revamping of CO.RA. products;

• Management of complaints and reports of anomalies.

Starting from the analysis of the user's requirements specification, the team's goal is to find the best solution to meet the customer's needs and then focus on the development of the project, always ready to include any requested change request. The specialized know-how gained over the years of experience in solid handling, together with the innovative spirit, allows CO.RA. to provide its experience far beyond the supply of a simple plant.

CO.RA. guarantees its products, designed, built and qualified in compliance with the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) principles and according to FDA regulations, thanks to consolidated and/or experimental technologies, technical expertise, reliability and collaboration: ingredients necessary to guarantee a high-level quality.

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