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The experience obtained in thirty years of activity allows CO.RA. ® to propose itself as the ideal partner, able to offer a transversal array of products, ranging from components to piping for the chemical/pharmaceutical industries as well as SOLID HANDLING systems. The image projected by CO.RA. ® infuses faith to its customers, many of which we have been serving for more than twenty years.

Our production is distinguished for its flexibility and creativity while guaranteeing high quality, avant-garde and above all personalized solutions for the customer, without neglecting the personalized assistance based on customer Requirements.

The company has a staff of forty people, composed of researchers, production designers, engineers and customer service. CO.RA. specializes in connection and interface systems between machine A and machine B and broadens its knowhow from the various pharmaceutical processes it deals with.

The company designs and develops forms of collection containers and any necessary accessories to ensure the homogeneity of the production process by applying good standards of Pharmaceutical Technology. CO.RA ®. is a company that deals with the design, development and implementation of the proposed systems: this ensures a high level of integration of all components. The process from development to the final execution of the system is managed by the same team of technicians who are able to incorporate the design concepts already in the planning stage. 

Thirty years of tradition in chemical and pharmaceutical SOLID HANDLING allows CO.RA. ® to guarantee its products based on the most stringent norms (FDA, ATEX), design and development are completely made and manufactured in Altopascio, Italy. All products CO.RA. Ltd are licensed and comply with FDA regulations (GMP) High Cross contamination containment validation processes FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ, PQ, CIP, ATEX, CE, surface finish of 0.02 micron.

Thirty years of team experience in integrated activity allows CO.RA. ® to have in house know how of SOLID HANDLING at the disposal of pharmaceutical partners to obtain focused and useful solutions.

CO.RA. Ltd. provides its clients with the new Technology Center to perform the same tests on products, it is equipped with a class 100 clean room.



The mission: CO.RA.®’s mission each day is to design and implement the best solution for each customer, ensuring an advanced and customized quality solution.. Our vision aims at continuous improvement, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency and in terms of resources: technology, management systems, new structures and especially in human resources. We invest in the growth and training of qualified and updatedstaff.


The quality culture: rooted in the way we work and operate with the awareness that the work of each is an integral part of the process.
Respect for people, or the attention to the needs of all persons who come into contact with the company: employees, customers, suppliers and partners.