CO.RA. S.r.l paying attention to the continuous renovation of its own business, both in production processes and in costs containment, in order to increase its efficiency has joined the project : "Aiuti alle MPMI to acquire innovative services "POR CREO ERDF 2007-2013 LINE 1.3B - POR CREO ERDF 2014-2020 ASSE 1, promoted by the Tuscany Region, joining the short list of companies that have obtained access to this fund thanks to" Project of Informatization Office Area technical - Production and supply Chain ".

This project allows CO.RA. to intervene at any time on the supply chain and provides all the tools to analysis of the production costs, also on the components of each individual product. Moreover, it takes on the design and standardization of products, thus allowing to increase its competitiveness on the world market.


Inflatable Seal Filling, Dosing and Weighing System

Inflatable Seal Filling, Dosing and Weighing System



The experience obtained in 30 years of activity allows CO.RA.® to propose itself as the ideal partner, able to offer a transversal array of products, ranging from components to piping for the chemical/pharmaceutical industries as well as SOLID HANDLING systems. The image projected by CO.RA.® infuses faith to its customers, many of which CO.RA. has been serving for more than 20 years. The production is characterised by flexibility and creativity ensuring the customer a high quality solution, always at the forefront and above all tailored and personalized assistance based on specific requirements.


In 2015, CO.RA. designed developed and manufactured an Inflatable Seal Filling, Dosing and Weighing System.


Downstream the system is fed by a "Criox" drier, on the outlet of which is the CO.RA. system, used for drum filling and the controlled dosing of powders in environments where operator exposure with the product must be minimal.


The system is composed of:

Support frame on wheels

Discharging adaptor

ATEX certified black silicone compensator,

Inflatable Seal

Ultra-flexible wave compensator

Load cell

HMI panel




The use of this system is very simple and efficient as once the working cycle of the dryer is finished the operator places the system below the discharge outlet of the drier and through the adapter connects the system to the machine, at this point the system is ready to be used.


The operator places the drum with the bag on the scale and by means of the manual control valve deflates the ring and without the aid of any tool wraps the bag around the discharging pipe. Once the bag is in place he manually inflates the ring again by means of the control valve blocking the bag to the pipe, thus starting the product filling and dosing.



The start of the dosing cycle is activated by the HMI (touch screen) control panel that makes the operator interface to the system quick and easy. The pre-set program in the PLC allows the system to be used in two modes: automatic and manual.


The automatic mode allows the operator to perform the working cycle of the system automatically allowing the system to display the settings of the machine and the status of the cycle. The manual mode, protected by a password, allows the operator to perform all the system operations manually, verifying and improving the dosing parameters, and performing the calibration of the load cells.


The valve used to perform the dosing is the CO.RA. Double Valve, a valve that allows a very high dosing accuracy - upto ± 10gr of 25 Kg of the packaged product. The dosing with this type of valve takes place in two distinct stages: the first is the bulk dosing, using the butterfly which allows the discharge of 90% of the pre-set weight on the operator’s panel, while the remaining 10% is discharged by the alternating movement of the rotor until the final weight is reached within the set tolerance.


Once the weight is reached the system automatically stops the working cycle. When the discharge is finished the operator releases the bag and proceeds with the next cycle.


In order to make the cleaning operations simple and fast, the system was designed and built to be disassembled using the connecting MF flanges with clamp connection, while the valve is complete with an AQR system that allows the disassembly of the actuator from the valve so that they can be placed in dedicated spaces.


The working environment in which the system is installed is Atex Zone 22 (dust) and all the material used for the construction of the system complies with the directive.


Usually in the rooms that use this system the floors are slanted to allow the flow of washing water. To prevent misalignment of the dosing system and the machine to discharge, resulting in loss of product, CO.RA. has inserted a compensator which, thanks to its flexibility, allows for a continuous connection.


Focusing on its strengths, with the Inflatable Seal Filling, Dosing and Weighing System, CO.RA. has converted the concept of optimization and time and cost recovery into practice through the development of innovative solutions and the detailed customized design.


The development and integration of the system allows us to propose solutions with low GXP impact to the production departments, even for pre-existing validations and qualifications, with considerable savings of time and costs. The design, development and construction of equipment and systems are completely "Made in Italy" and manufactured in the plant in Altopascio. Thirty years of experience in Pharmaceutical Solid Handling guarantees that the products are in accordance with the most stringent regulatory standards (FDA & ATEX). CO.RA® has a substantial "know-how" in the design and construction of equipment and connection systems for the pharmaceutical industry and it is able to provide its customers the expertise to achieve adequate and effective solutions.