CO.RA. technical supplier of many pharmaceutical companies developed a system to improve production and cost time, however still ensuring high standard production. 

The Tablet Recovery System has been designed to recover tablets that, during manufacturing process, have been rejected as broken or imperfect, and this means that discarding big quantities of product increase notably expenses for pharmaceutical industry.  CO.RA. has designed and manufactured to solve this problem a Tablet Recovery System.

The system consists of two press machine feeding lines:

1-Main Charging System

-Charging Hopper

-VR8V DN 100

-Discharge line with level sensor

2-Recovery Tablet Charging System

-3 Lt. Container

-Sight Glass

-Sole Valve WW DN 100

-Rotary Valve WCRC DN 80


The supply of an innovative system like this grants to the user an uniform and high precise dosage, thanks to combination of VR8V valve, which feeds the press tablet machine with the bulk through the main charging system (1) and the Rotary Valve, which feeds the machine with recovered and grinded tablets (2). 

The recovery operation is driven by the operator through a mill which crumbles discarded tablets from the tablet press machine pulverizing them again. Once the tablets are pulverized the operator transfers the dust into the container.

The system movements are driven by an electro-pneumatic panel.

 The operator can verify the running of the machine with buttons and gauges situated on the panel. The system stops pushing the emergency button, which acts on a safety circuit, causing the prompt stop of all movements.

Parts in contact with product are AISI 316 L manufactured, polished inside and satin outside. 

Parts not in contact with product are AISI 304 satin.

The Tablet Recovery System has been designed and manufactured respecting the stringency of the hygiene allowing operator a quick and easy cleaning without using any tool. Some classical examples of applications can be recovery of Bulk coming from regrinding of tablets, or active ingredients especially expensive and present with high percentage.

CO.RA., featuring his strengths, put in practice with The Tablet Recovery System the optimization concept and recovery of times and costs through development of innovative solutions, custom-made design in all details, thirty years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Solid Handling.

The same team of technicians follows the project from system development till its final fulfillment at customer premises. The system development and integration allow to propose to production department’s solutions with GXP low impact and also on validations and qualifications already existents, with huge saving of time and management costs. 

The project, the development and manufacture are completely made in our premises in Altopascio, Italy.   

Thirty year experience in Pharmaceutical Solid Handling allow to grant the products in compliance with stringent standards (FDA, ATEX); CO.RA.® Has got a know how in the design and manufacturing of equipments and connection systems in the pharmaceutical industry and is able to place at disposal of our pharmaceutical partners its own experience to get successful and targeted solutions.


Rotary Valve Tablet

Rotary Valve Tablet

The concept of customizing our products according to the customer requirements, has always been the fulcrum of CO.RA’s activities and has led to develope a New type of Rotary Valve designed to continuously dose tablets, capsules, capsules, rubber caps and granules. An application recently designed by the Research and Development Department is a Bag filling system, in which a Rotary Valve Tablet is employed, for dosing capsules and tablets. The Rotary Valve Tablet is composed of a body in AISI 316L, has a shaft in AISI 316 L and Lobes are completely in silicone and are completely conform to GMP FDA 177.2600. norms

By means of this system, it is possible to dose a particularly delicate product such as tablets, capsules o rubber caps into Bags or containers, having a precision of ± 2%. The dosage is executed avoiding the rupture of the product thanks to the lobes of the rotor manufactured in flexible silicone with a hardness inferior to 50 shore.


Applying a Rotary Valve Tablet implies safeguarding the integrity of the product treated, facility and rapidity  in the assembling and disassembling for the cleaning operations with the safety to be able to sterilize in autoclave and interchangeability of the half bodies and of the interceptance element. Considering the variables and the flexibility with which this type of valve can be supplied, CO.RA Rotary Valve Tablet is in grade of covering all fields of application where a product flow control during the transfer between Machine A and machine B.

It is particularly employed in applications for filling Mills, tablet press machines, capsule filling, micro –dosing machines and sieves.


DOUBLE VALVE and its use

DOUBLE VALVE and its use

The CO.RA. Double Valve is designed to satisfy the requirements of control, dosage, regulation and mixing in the process of Bulk filling.

It is composed of a Butterfly valve in the middle of which there is a rotor and is generally positioned under the discharge outlet of a process machine for example a Dryer or a Bin.

The valve is designed to be interfaced to an automatic programmable weighing system, the functioning is divided in two phases : during the first phase the butterfly opens, the underlying weighing system interfaced with the valve discharges 95 % of the set weight, it doses in a brief time the limit of the gross weight, during the second phase, the butterfly closes and automatically the central rotor  which allows the Drum/container to reach the required dosing limit corresponding to the Total weight of the product to dose with a precision of +/- 50 grams, is activated by means of pneumatic actuators 90 ° for the butterfly and 180° for the Rotor.


The valve is completely manufactured in AISI 316L, while the sealing gasket complies  with FDA norms. The rotor for the fine dosing can be customized with the number and volume of lobes according to the requirements of the customer.

The CO.RA. ® DOUBLE VALVE is available in the following diameters: 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm for the Butterfly, 80 mm and 100 mm for the rotor. The Valve bodies are satin finished and the rotor and butterfly are mirror polished. It is equipped with a control panel in AISI 316L/304 or in plastic material, and complete with variable interfaces according to the single requirements.
The most common application is the Drum dosing system, engineered by CO.RA. , which allows to discharge the product into a polyethylene liner (50 m long, and applied to the same structure) and to pack into Bags in a closed cycle controlling the weight with maximum precision.

The standard system is composed of an interface adaptor to the machine to serve, a CO.RA. ® DOUBLE VALVE, a liner fixing system complete with Vent filter, a dosing panel with display and keyboard incorporated and a weighing system with load cells.

The Double Valve is supplied with a sealing gasket between the Butterfly and the dosing rotor, or Double valve gasket ; this solution assures to have complete seal with the valve closed up to a value of 0,5 bar. The encumbrance dimensions of the valve remain unvaried.